Probewohnen im Kinderdorf

23.10.2011 13:48

Probewohnen im Kinderdorf


Day 0 - Starting a new project in the orphanage.

Here comes the starting point of our testing project in Mariphil Orphanage Foundation Atung Pinuy anan.

October 9, 2011, 2:00 PM, 9 excited children and 9 supportive parents arrive bringing their things and these children are ready to live with us for 2 weeks. Me, as a mother show them the house, the rooms, the living area, the washing area, the kitchen, the place where they can take a bath and all other parts of the house. And also i explain to them the living situation of the children inside the orphanage. After that we had a picture taking together with our German Practicant Jennifer Bily.The Mariphil Foundation Philippines President Mr. Emeterio E. Blase explain to them about our project and made a short tour around the area. After the tour, the parents left, and i am happy, because they said that they trust me to take care of their children. But before they left, 3 more mothers arrived, bringing their children which are also very much willing to join our project. So now, we have 12 children altogether: 3 from high school and 9 from elementary school from 1st grade to 6th grade.

The older children are helping to make dinner and also making the dishes, and they look if they are enjoying what they are doing.

Before we sleep, we had a small conference. knowing each other, and asking anything to anyone. We decided to sleep at 8:00 PM and to wake up at 4:00 AM. But the children specially the boys are so noisy and naughty. They are always changing their beds or sleeping together in one bed but they are only playing. Some are afraid to sleep alone in one bed, some don't want to have companion, some are complaining that it is so hot and there are mosquitoes. In the end we are sleeping altogether in the living room since we only have one electric fan. But all the boys only. The girls are fine in their room. What a naughty boys they are, they are not yet sleeping, they are talking and playing even i already closed all the lights, and it is all dark.They only stop when i told them that if they did not sleep, one of them i will put inside jennifer's room to sleep and another one to the girl's room.

Finally they are all sleeping, but it takes almost 2 hours more than the planned time to sleep.
That is the the first evening we had.

Arlene Ciruela

Day 1 - This is the first day of my being a mother of 12 children.

At 4:00AM, as the alarm rings, everybody woke up. I don't have to tell them what they must have to do because they are doing exactly what they have to, like bringing back all the beds in the right place and pillows and blanket. They are noisy but I don't have any problems with them in the preparation for going school. When I say they have to take a bath, they will do immediately. They wear their uniform without asking my help, they help each other. I am in the kitchen preparing for their foods. The older ones is helping me. I did not ask the practicant to help me at this time because I know she is still tired. After helping me, the older have to take a bath in the mariphil cooperative, because we dont have water anymore. But it is okay, because it is not too far, but it is also dawn.

At 6:00 Pm, they have to leave for school and they will come back in the afternoon at 4:00 Pm.

Late in the afternoon was a strong rain, and the children got home wet. Jennifer was enjoying watching them in the rain, because they are playing before getting inside to dry themselves.

We have visitors in the evening: Mr. Martin Riester and Miss Isabel Rellon. They ate dinner with us. We prepared vegetable and smoked fish. And we eat altogether. After eating, the children are helping in cleaning the dishes while some are washing their clothes because they are wet by the rain.

Before sleeping, I let them play since it is still early to sleep. the children are enjoying and not the same as last night, they sleep earlier tonight and behave - maybe because they are tired of playing.

And that was our first day in this project.

Regards to all - Arlene

Day 2 - This is my 2nd day being a mother in our orphanage testing project...

As usual, the children wake up very early, and the older are helping me preparing breakfast as well as Jennifer.

When the children are in school, Jennifer and I went to Panabo to buy the ingredients of the Hawaiian toast, she will make it for the children. When we come home something bad happen to me, I slip beside the house and my left foot is injured. Germilo was reparing our water pipe so that even in the evening we have water. When he show me what I have to do so that we can also save water, I accidentally step on the wrong place. But I still can manage.

In the evening Jennifer Bily is teaching the children on how to make the Hawaiian toast. And the children are enjoying it. They found out that it is so easy to prepare and a very good taste. While toasting it, I am also teaching Jennifer on how to cook the chicken adobo because she really wanted to learn it. We eat dinner first before eating the Hawaiian toast.

That's all for today.
God bless - Arlene

Day 3

Our daily routine is same as usual, there was nothing interesting happening, but in the evening the girls are making projects. Not for school but for Jennifer, because they know that Jennifer will leave on Friday. They make a poem for her and a letter with design.

I have head ache at that time, so I let them do what they want to do. The boys are playing in the room. They  are doing acrobatics because some of them can do it. but at exactly 8 o'clock they went to bed to sleep, but the boys can not sleep because its too hot. We only have one electric fan and at this time the girls are using it. when the girls are already sleeping, the boys stole it and use until morning.

I would like to share also to all of you my own recipe of chicken adobo that I also share to Jennifer.

You only need chicken, soy sauce, garlic, onions, black pepper, bay leaf, vinegar, cooking oil and water. First, marinate the chicken with soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and crushed garlic. In a pan, saute garlic and onions, then add the marinated chicken. Add water and salt, simmer until tender.

This recipe is my own version. this is not the same procedure that you can find in Filipino cook book but the ingredients are the same. and the result are also same. only the procedure is different.

God bless us all - Arlene


Day 4


We have a little program for Jennifer. While the girls are busy on preparing our dinner, the boys is inside their room and practicing their dance exhibition. After dinner, everybody is now ready for their presentation. Jenerose Malaga and Cindy Sajolan are both Godchild are singing the song "Alle Farben". Jenny Imbang is also a godchild together with Elona Jane Ramirez also a godchild, Cindy Sajolan, Jenerose Malaga, and Jerilyn Sisonrojas(not a Godchild) are reciting their poem in front of Jennifer Bily. The boys are also performing their dance exhibition in the lead of Mark Razel Dapar a Godchild, together with Gen mark and Kenneth (both not a godchild) with their star performer Welbor Ybanez also a godchild.

After their presentation was picture taking and playing short time.

Before we end our program, Jennifer was giving them a souvenir, a euro coin, and the children really like it.

We end our program at almost 10:00PM. It is time to sleep when Mr. Emeterio Blase came and brought us a new electric fan. All of the children now sleep comportably.

God bless us all - Arlene

Day 5

Hello Everyone,
this ist the 5th day in the new orphanage-house

Today at 6:00 PM, Miss Jennifer Bily has to leave and fly back to Germany. But in the morning, Mr. Emeterio Blase and Mr. Martin Riester invites her to a trip to the big Banana Plantation (TADECO) here in Panabo City. They brought one of the children who has no class today. They come home back in the afternoon. While she is preparing her things, the children also arrives from school.

"Good bye Maam Jennifer, come back tomorrow." the children said when Jennifer left. Jennifer smile and said "Good bye children."

While preparing for our dinner, I let the children play. They are playing educational games, like spelling, but they made it in a competitional way - 2 children are standing at the back and who can spell right will make one step forward until he/she can reach the front. They made it also with partners. One has a blind fold and he/she had to find his/her partner who are standing in the opposite side. Who can find his/her partner first should be the first one to spell the word and if he/she failed to spell the given word,  their opponents can steal and have a chance to win the game. They also play a message relay, boys against girls, but nobody win the game because they are all cheating.

They stop playing when the dinner was ready. After eating they are watching television. They are allowed to watch television because tomorrow has no class.

They finally fall asleep at 10:00Pm.

God bless us all - Arlene

Day 6 in the new house

Today is Saturday and the children has no class.

In the morning, we made the washing of all the dirty clothes. The children really enjoy to watch the washing machine because this is not common here, specially when it was turning so strong. It was their first time to see this kind of washing machine. It takes a long time to finish our washing but less of work, unlike the washing machine that we commonly use. Because here it is only a few minutes in the washing machine and we continue to wash by hand.

In the afternoon the children play badminton and volleyball with a very big ball. They use the big ball that we  found in the package. They put air on it through their mouth, one after another. Even it is so big, they enjoy so much playing it. Mark Razel also make pop corn and the children really likes it.

That's all for today

God bless us - Arlene

It is Sunday the 7th day in the new house.

Mr. Emeterio Blase came with the sales man of water purifier who demonstrate how to use it and explain what is the advantage of having it. He said that our water is better than the other deep well waters. Now we have one in the house.

Some of the children wanted to visit their families today. I let them go. Only 8 children are left and one of them came with me to the city. We had to buy our foods for this week. We bought vegetables, chicken, fish and many more. We came home in the late afternoon, The children are already there.

After eating dinner, the girls started to iron their uniform. after them is the boys, but they don't know how to do it, so I help them. When we finish ironing, I realize that all the girls are already sleeping, so the boys also go to sleep.

Thank you and God bless to all - Arlene

Classes are back because it is Monday, day 8 in the new house.

The children went to school early again. In the afternoon, 2 of them come home and said they don't have a class. I learn that they are lying when the others come home already because they said that they had a class. When I ask them about it, they admit that they lied to me even to their parents because they went to their house before they come to our house. I talked to their parent and they said that knew already because their other children told them also. and they already talk to their children about this. I talked to the children also and they promised that they won't do it again.

I am in the kitchen together with the other children and preparing for our dinner when I heard a voice shouting while crying and he is really angry. I ran to the living room and I found out that the boys are fighting. It was Ernest, Gene mark, and Kenneth. 2 of them was crying.

I ask "what happen here?"
Ernest: "He punch me" pointing Kenneth
Then I ask Kenneth "Why?"
Kenneth: "Because Genemark punch me also, ordered by Ernest"
Genemark; It was a game, punching each other but very slow punch,
but they punch so hard, that's why they are crying.

But after a while they are playing again.That is the children here, Playing, fighting and playing again later.

God bless us all - Arlene

Hello Everyone - this is day 9 in the new house.

Today at noon, Mr. Martin Riester visited me in the house. He is supervising our project. He is asking me some question and answers all my questions.

Late afternoon, when all the children are home, we made a tour in the Mariphil Cooperative. Mary Grace Cabaguing, the manager explain to us on how the milling machine works. She also show us the newly made rice tank, and explain on how to put the rice inside and how to move it out. They are all impressed. We proceed to the ginger plant, poultry and fish pond. But it is already evening, so Mary Grace decided to continue tomorrow, she will show us tomorrow the other projects of the Mariphil Cooperative.

After dinner, the godchildren are doing a christmas card for their godparent.

God bless us all - Arlene

This is our 10th day here in the house.

Our continues field trip in the Mariphil cooperative was postponed tomorrow because the manager is busy.

Today, Mr. Martin Riester , the president of Mariphil Foundation –Germany and Mr. Emeterio Blasé, the President of Mariphil Foundation-Philippines brought me in to 2 different schools. Nanyo Central Elementary School and Southern Davao High School to inform them that our children in the orphanage very soon will be studying in this schools.

In the afternoon, the children really wanted to make Hawaiian toast. Miss Jennifer Bily bought so much ingredients last week, that is why we still have the ingredients. We only need to buy new bread. Each of the children has to make one. Each of them had one slice of bread, ham, pineapple and cheese. Through my instruction, they put one by one all the toppings of the bread, then cut into a triangular shape. The children really enjoy what they are doing. While toasting the bread, we also prepare for our dinner. After eating dinner some of them was eating their share but the other wanted to keep it and bring to school tomorrow for snacks.

God bless us all - Arlene

Day 11

Again our field trip was postponed on Saturday because the manager is still busy.

Today, 3 of the high school students had no class because of the school camp oral of Boy scout and Girl scout of the Philippines held at their school. In the morning they are helping me in cleaning the house and washing clothes. We planned to make a seed box today. It is so hot today so we decided to do it in the afternoon if it is not so hot already. I ask my father to make an empty seed box for us. We just filled it with soil that we got near the river and the chicken dung from the Mariphil cooperative. We did not finish it today because we need a lot of time in getting the soil. And because we are tired, we slept early.

God bless us all - Arlene

Day 12

Two of the children from elementary who lives here with us was joining a girl scout camp oral in their school. They are Jerilyn Sisonrojas and Elona Jane Ramirez(godchild). I brought them to school this early but they will start at 3:00Pm. The teacher said that they must be there early in the morning.

At noon time I received a package for the children in the orphanage.

In the afternoon, I went to their school to witness also the opening ceremony of the camp oral together with Miss Isabel Rellon. And we found out that Mr. Emeterio Blasé was also there as a guest in this ceremony.

God bless us all - Arlene

Day 13

Today is Saturday, but again we can’t make the field trip in the Mariphil cooperative because today is a busy day. In the morning we have to help in cleaning and preparing for the meeting of the parents of all the scholars. After lunch the meeting was started already. They are talking about grades, allowances, fieldtrip, and many more. After the meeting is the distribution of the package of the scholar from their godparents. 4 of the godchildren here got package, they are Mark Razel Dapar, Cindy Sajolan, Jenerose Malaga and Elona Jane Ramirez. They are very happy and thankful to their Godparents. The others who did not receive any package from their godparents also received a gift from the Mariphil Foundation management. They are also happy. According to Jenny Imbang “it doesn’t matter if I receive a package from my godparent or not, as long as the support of my studies is continuous until I finish my college that is the most important.”

God bless us all - Arlene

Day 14 - Today is our last day

I feel so sad because tonight I will be alone in the house and I am very sure that I will miss the children.

Before they left, they helped me in cleaning the house and cooking for our last lunch together. After lunch, they packed all their things and left. Some of them are saying that they want to stay more days because they like to stay here. Some are also saying that they want to stay here forever. But that is not possible.

We don’t have any activities today because their parents came one by one, get their child and leave. We only made picture taking.

When all the children are gone, Mr. Martin Riester invited me for dinner in Panabo. It is already 8 o’clock in the evening when I come back to the house and yes, I really feel sad like I almost cry. The house is dark and so quiet. Nobody is inside the house, no one making noise, nobody is running around, and no more teasing to hear.

To the parents of this 12 naughty but lovely children, my warmest thanks for allowing your child to participate in our project and trusting me to take care of your children. Through your support we accomplished our testing project.

To the children, thank you so much for your actively participation in this project, I will not forget thiskind of activity with you. I learned so many things in you, especially when you make trouble or fighting with each other, but in the end you become friends. I am very proud to all of you because you can manage already yourself even without you mother for those little children, and for those older ones who really do their duties that I gave.

In this activity, I experienced many things. Different attitude of the children, different beliefs, different characters depending on how they raised by their parents or what kind of surroundings they had in their home and what kind of discipline they had. I also learned on how to adjust myself in every child. Now I am already prepared and ready to work as a mother in Mariphil Orphanage Foundation Atung Pinuy anan.

God bless to all of us and to our foundation - Arlene


In two weeks that I stay in the house, I observed some things that we need to apply very soon in this house.

Listed below:

  • window and door screen to avoid mosquitoes getting inside (not yet finish)
  • Washing area
  • Tooth brushing area
  • Storage room
  • Water inlet and outlet for washing machine
  • Ceiling fan in every room and living room.

And these are the things that must change in the next house:

  • Bathroom and toilet flooring- the water is not flowing in to the drainage outlet. It is
  • dangerous for the children because it is slippery.
  • Cracked tiles – the cracked/damage tiles should not be placed.
  • Plastic water pipe- it cannot stay longer because it is breakable.
  • Electrical outlet- some of the electrical outlet are at the wrong place.